Xobas Software, founded in 2002, is an independent privately held company located at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


The initial services of the company started out with helping customers, who were mainly locked in into vendor dependent environments, opening up their IT model by making their input and output data available in XML format. By doing so, these customers then could directly use a whole new range of existing modern tools, ready to use. Opening customized data into their favorite Office application, applying XSLT style sheets to the XML data so web pages could be built dynamically, sending/receiving of electronic invoices or passing on their data to a report writer to name a few. Since most of these application solutions were XML oriented, the name "Xml Oriented Business Application Solutions" (Xobas) Software Company was born.

In order to get the best results for our customers, Open Source alternatives were used where possible. Choosing an Open Source solution proved to reduce the development time, since applications and libraries were already available. It lowered the risk, because many Open Source products already had gone through an intensive development and testing phase and were reliable, secure and well performing pieces of software being maintained and updated by a large pool of developers all around the world. It also lowered the operational costs dramatically as, most of the time, no license and/or support fees had to be paid.

Xobas Software has expanded their services and launched a new revolutionary product ProLinga System Builder in the public domain using our very own basic principals of linking many available quality and reliable Open Source projects together, using XML where possible, to create this new and exciting environment.

Contact Information

You can contact us at the following addresses:

General Information:
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Xobas Software
PO Box 3269
Nerang BC QLD 4211

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