Xobas products are released under the GNU General Public License. This means that you are relatively free to modify and redistribute Xobas products as long as you follow the terms of the license. Although such use and/or redistribution of Xobas products are welcomed by Xobas Software, it should be distinguished from the use of the Xobas marks. The GPL is not a trademark license and there are restrictions in place on the use of the Xobas name and the Xobas logo. The Xobas name and logo as displayed on this site are the property of Xobas Software and the GPL does not provide any license or right to use a Xobas mark in any form or media. A GPL licensee may not use a Xobas mark in any way that does not conform to this Xobas trademark policy without the written permission of Xobas Software.

Redistribution of Xobas Products

You may use the Xobas name and logo if you are redistributing, offering or presenting versions of Xobas products exactly as they are made available on the Xobas company Web site ( or on the Xobas support and development site ( without any changes made to the product whatsoever. This includes the integration of any contributions, enhancements, patches, fixes or own porting and packaging on any platform.

Use of Xobas Name

You may use the Xobas name if you make no modifications to it, such as incorrect casing (XoBas, xoBAS, etc...) or incorrect spelling (x-obas, XO Bas, etc...).

The correct casing and spelling to use when refering to our products and services is Xobas and the correct casing and spelling of the company name is Xobas Software.

Use of Xobas Logo

You may use the Xobas logo if you make no modifications to it, such as adding or removing graphics or text, or changing colours. Scaling the logo proportionally is allowed.

Xobas Web Site Link or Reference

You must create a link or make a reference to the Xobas company Web site when you use the Xobas name or logo. The address of the Xobas company Web site is:


By adhering to the Xobas trademark policy, you help Xobas Software to prevent confusion in the marketplace and to protect and enhance the value and integrity of our products, services and marks. Whenever the Xobas mark is displayed, it will be a clear signal to all that Xobas Software has either created or endorsed that product or service, and that the product or service is subject to the quality control standards of Xobas Software.

Xobas Software thanks you for your understanding and appreciates your cooperation in this. If you have any questions, please contact us at